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Berlin - do - Airport Tempelhof - Tempelhofer Freiheit

Airport Tempelhof - Tempelhofer Freiheit

An airport until 2008, Tempelhof is now Europe’s largest city park.

This was an operating airport until 2008.. After it closed, countless years and endless arguments followed before the decision was made to re-open the grounds as a park in 2010. Hurray! Its 240- hectare of open space make it the largest park in Europe so you can zip around on your bike, skeelers or board on the 6km long disused runways, grill a sausage on the 2.5 hectare bbq area or tuck into your baguette somewhere on the enormous picnic grounds.

To add to the fun there always seems to be a soft ball game in full swing and there is inevitably a football game to gatecrash.

Apart from the runway still being present, also the air traffic control tower and even a few planes are still eerily frozen in time at their departure gates..


Every Saturday there is a tour of the main airport building which is a historically protected landmark.

On the one hand it's an expression of Nazi ideology as the building served in World War II as a weapons production site using forced labour. On the other, it's a symbol of freedom, with the Air Lift of 1948/49 making the airport famous throughout the world and during Germany's division the airport was the gateway to freedom for many..

what: Park

address: Columbiadamm 2
10965 Berlin

website: Airport Tempelhof - Tempelhofer Freiheit

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