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Venice - do - Banco Lotto No. 10

Banco Lotto No. 10

Not any old shop this, Banco Lotto No. 10 sells beautiful period costumes for purchase and hire but also unique contemporary clothing, accessories, jewellery, sequin covered handbags and exquisite cushions.. All these fabulous goods have been made by the 80 or so inmates of the Giudecca's woman's prison whom have been trained as high-skilled tailors.. Using the finest silks, threads, plush brocades and with a luxury label stitched onto the back this stuff could easily be sold with an extra number added onto their price tags..


Because all profits go back to the 'Case di Reclusione Femminile' to fund education and work experience for the female prisoners inside..

what: Shop

address: Salizada Sant'Antonin 3478

phone: 041 522 1439

website: Banco Lotto No. 10

A Person

Dear Mrs,Mr,

I live and work in Croatia and by profession I am an academic painter, ceramic artist, I create Tiffany lamps and paint on silk but my primary interest is drawing, coloring preference.

Creating a unique handbags that I designed. They are extremely attractive, eye-catching and distinctive expression. Proved to be a very good product and it has already won many female hearts and shoulders. The case is made of a material that is coated with Teflon, exceptional quality and I chose it because of the possibility of making handbags in different colors (black, red, green, gray, beige, brown and color of cocoa).

The top is 100% silk, painted with colorful scenes of stylized animals or abstract motifs. Zippers are metal and in the color of the handbag.
The bag has a double row of silver or gold chains depending on the design and color of handbags.

This case is designed for dry, summer day to go out for a coffee or a warm evening, walk, leaving the theater.

The purse I named COCCINELLA and it is slowly becoming a brand because of its uniqueness.

At the bottom flap is COCCINELLA (ladybug) also in silver or gold.

Dimensions of the handbags are 30x20 cm.

I would like to give a COCCINELLA purse the rightful place in the world of fashion but I need help with promoting it or an adequate advertising.

Please send me your e mail and I will send to you some pistures of may purses COCCINELLA

In the hope of a positive response,

I send my best regards,

ak.slik. Sonja Brzak

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May 12th 2016, 20:18

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