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London - do - Bowl of Chalk

Bowl of Chalk

Walking tours on which you learn oodles of things about London that you didn't know you didn't know about.

Bowl of Chalk (which is Cockney rhyming slang for walk) does pay-what-you-want guided walks in London which are all given by tour guide Jonnie.

Jonnie loves London and he loves walking in London and more importantly he knows seriously everything about London (he says this is because he is actually quite dull and reads a lot.. ;)

Whether this is a first time visit to the city or you're a savvy born and bred Londoner he'll be able to tell you all about stuff you didnt know you didn't know about: new things, old things, big things and quirky little details as Jonnie particularly likes the strange and slightly odd facts of the city, which as it happens we do too.

We chose to do a private week day walk through Shoreditch which was more like meeting a mate in a foreign city than receiving a guided tour, well, if this mate would be a local with an absurd amount of local knowledge that is..

During the three hour tour we came across loads of stuff, amongst which: the plague, a power station that's now a circus school, tiny doors, giant letters, a gherkin, a griffin, some big mushrooms, street art, oh, and a dragon.

Image: Dylan Nolte


An unusual, informal and incredibly interesting tour.

what: Guided Tour

address: Shoreditch

website: Bowl of Chalk

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kHbRge It as not that I want to replicate your web page, but I really like the design. Could you let me know which design are you using? Or was it especially designed?

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Dec 20th 2018, 23:06

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