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Paris - do - Carmen Ragosta

Carmen Ragosta

Bistro and boutique with colorful clothes handmade right behind the store.

Carmen Ragosta is a savvy Italian designer who came upon the brilliant idea of combining beautiful one-off items of clothing and a lovely, organic vegetarian meal. Visit Carmen Ragosta’s Boutique et Restaurant and marvel at the racks of colorful, unique pieces and enjoy the tasty plat du jour while you make up your mind on whether to buy the dress or those Italian shoes.. Prices are very reasonable considering the clothes are unique and designed/ made just behind the shop.


There is prosecco and champagne on the menu as well so you can sip on a glass of sparkly to celebrate the purchase of your new-perfect-summer-dress...

what: Shop

address: 8 Rue de la grange aux belles
75010 Paris

phone: 014 2490 071

website: Carmen Ragosta

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