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Edinburgh - do - Cramond Island

Cramond Island

Time your trip with the tides to take in the spectacular vistas without getting wet.

Follow the exposed path at low tide to Cramond Island which is approximately a mile out at sea.. It's history is plainly visible in the shape of 'The dragon's teeth', (a mile long concrete row of stumps which used to act as a barrier in WWII) and in several gun-post-relics also from WWII. Make sure you time your way back as the tide comes in quickly and the alternative is sleeping in one of the island's ruins..

Photo by: Macumba


Because the views along the path and from this tiny tidal island are spectacular and you can celebrate your on-time-tidal return with a pint in the ultra cozy Cramond Inn on your way back..

what: Water

address: Cramond Glebe Road
EH4 6NS Edinburgh

phone: 0131 447 7145

website: Cramond Island

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