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London - do - Design Museum

Design Museum

Gawp at 3,000 objects in the world’s leading museum for contemporary design

Located right on the river and the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form, from clothing to graphics, architecture to industrial and furniture to high-heeled-shoes! They champion creative thinking and celebrate the talent of the world's best designers & architects with a collection that boasts more than 3000 objects which include over 240 chairs, 24 televisions, one nappy, a bus shelter, an AK-47 and one of their upcoming acquisitions: a Russian cosmonaut space suit! This perfectly-sized museum usually hosts two exhibitions at the same time.. Cool museum shop too selling innovative and intelligently designed products like a backgammon espresso set, concrete earrings or miniature green house..

Their current exhibition: 'Hello, my name is Paul Smith' takes you into the world of fashion designer Paul Smith, a world of creation, inspiration, collaboration, wit and beauty. Celebrating his career to date and exploring future developments, the exhibition references Paul Smith’s influences and fashion designs, charting the rise of this quintessentially British label which has become one of the leading fashion brands in the world.

Photo by Luke Hayes

what: Museum

address: 28 Shad Thames
SE1 2YD London

phone: 020 7940 8790

website: Design Museum

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