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Barcelona - do - El Refugi 307

El Refugi 307

Tour a Franco-era bomb shelter and reflect on the brutality of war.

When Franco's army started bombing behind the battle lines civilian lives became at risk too, as there was no longer a difference being made between military targets and civilian area's. In response to the first bombings shelters were set up in basements and metro stations, but as the bombings became more severe air raid shelters were also built. Refugi 307 is one of over a 1000 shelters and by taking the tour you get a small glimpse of what it must have been like to be in this shelter's 200 m long tunneled space..


Because it's a symbol of the city's contemporary history and demonstrates the brutality of war and its consequences..

what: Guided Tour

address: C/ Nou de la Ramba 169
08004 Barcelona

phone: 932 562 100

website: El Refugi 307

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