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London - do - Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema

Lush and plush, Electric Cinema will transport you back to 1910

This beautiful cinema was built in 1910, has survived two world wars, a bombing and has been saved from being turned into a bingo hall! Plush Electric has leather armchairs, footstools and little tables for your large glass of pinot, cashews and dulce de leche ice cream.. There is more space for more comfortable film watching and best of all there are three 2-seater sofas, double beds (Yes! Really..) and individual casmere blankets.. Lush.. A bar is open half an hour prior to screening serving cocktails, wine, beer and champagne. Substantial cinema snacks are also available.. They show quality mainstream & art house but I personally love a lazy Sunday afternoon matinee though when the programming features world cinema, classics, festival favorites, cult & independent..

what: Film

address: 191 Portobello Road
W11 2ED London

phone: 020 7908 9696

website: Electric Cinema

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Dec 21st 2018, 03:36

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