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Barcelona - do - Festival de la Llum

Festival de la Llum

Local landmarks get arty makeovers with light installations.

My friend Donna stumbled upon this as she lives right behind the building and tells me even her Catalan work friends didn't know about this amazing festival.. Yes, yes we know it's in February and so months and months away but it's such an awesome event and you need to be in the know when planning all your city trips ahead right?

So Llum is Catalan for light and for a few days in february LlumBCN will celebrate the city's iconic buildings by illuminating them at night. There will also be special light installations and nocturnal walking routes but biggest highlight without a doubt are the "mapping" light projection shows which paint a light show on the facade of the city hall on Plaça de Sant Jaume.. Proper 'Oooooooh' stuff that..


Because this festival is so much more impressive than it sounds..

Don't believe us? Watch this little video on the Llum website and you'll know what we mean..

what: Festival

address: Plaça de Sant Jaume
08002 Barcelona

website: Festival de la Llum

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