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Venice - do - Giro d'Ombra

Giro d'Ombra

Wandering around Venice you'll be able to spot the clusters of locals spilling out of Venice's back street 'bacari' around noon and early evening.. Deep in conversation, hands all over the place yet at the same time managing overflowing plates and glasses of wine.. Bacari are small bars where locals pop in for traditional snacks (cicchetti) and small glasses of wine (ombra) and the tradition of crawling from one to the next for a stand-at-the bar snack, drink and chat goes way back to the 15th century.. Usually no menu though- just point at all the tasty stuff that takes your fancy and pile it on your all ready full plate, wash it down with an ombra and move on! Wehey!


For a genuine taste of local Venice..

what: Miscellaneous

address: venezia

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