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Barcelona - do - Happy Pills

Happy Pills

The best medicine: sugary candy, and lots of it.

Suffering from itchy feet? A bad hair day? Man flu? Or would you like 'a universal remedy for everything'? Don't worry, (be) happy pills come to the rescue. Choose from their many many flavors of colorful, yummy sweets with names like: love, orquid, sunset and pica pica. Stick some gloves on and stuff 'n' squash your 'pill' bottle or 'pill' dispenser to the max as you simply pay by the packaging. Find the right label (I love 'tohellwithit-ine'..) for your cool container and that's your gifts for home sorted.. There's four 'Happy pills' in Barcelona..

Carrer dels Arcs 6

Carrer Argentería 70

Rambla Cataluña 14

Illa Diagonal 557


The shop is really something else and their stuff makes awesome gifts..

what: Shop

address: Rambla Cataluña 14
08007 Barcelona

phone: 932 210 239

website: Happy Pills

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