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Barcelona - do - Hilltop site of El Turó de la Rovira

Hilltop site of El Turó de la Rovira

An abandoned anti-aircraft battery now boasts fantastic city views.

This used to be an anti-aircraft battery built during the civil war but now you come up here for the stunning views. What a spot!! Whether you come up here to sunbathe, picnic, share a bottle of wine, play guitar, listen to your I-pod or just revel in the spectacular view, the experience will be an epic one.. I trooped up here which took about half an hour but you can also take No. 28 bus from Placa Catalunya and hop off at the last stop.. Whichever way you go it's one 100% worth the trip..


26m high and the only 360 degrees view-point in Barcelona..

what: Park

address: C/ Maria Lavernia

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