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Amsterdam - do - Hire a boat!

Hire a boat!

Forget the canned canal cruise operators – hiring your own boat is the best way to see Amsterdam from the water.

The ultimate way to see the city is by its canals and surely the best way to do this is by skippering your own boat.. And this is exactly what savvy boat-owning Amsterdammers will get up to on a nice day. Everyone on the water is in the very best of spirits- it's like a rule! Load up with cold beers and snacks or alternatively tie up at any of the many bars/ cafes along side. This company's electric boats are silent and eco-friendly and these spacious boats can take up to 6 people. Guaranteed an awesome day!

what: Water

address: Zandhoek 10 A
1013 KT Amsterdam

phone: 020 4227007

website: Hire a boat!

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