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Berlin - do - Hütten Palast Hotel

Hütten Palast Hotel

Sleep in fabulously renovated campers, caravans and mini-chalets.

Silke and Sarah joined forces to transform and renovate an old vacuum cleaner factory and fill it with beautifully revamped retro caravans and mini chalets.. in which you can stay! Think the best bits of camping in a super stylish setting and a cafe on site which serves, (amongst other deliciousness), homemade cakes, breakfast on etagere's and 'mum-could-have-made-them-cookies'. Outside is the garden, a leafy-green and quit oasis with swing, hammock and tweeting birds present and correct.

And guess what? The prices are as happy and friendly as the two clever girls who came up with this crazy project. We love it!


Totally genius..

what: Hotel

address: Hobrechtstraße 66
12047 Berlin

phone: 030 3730 5806

website: Hütten Palast Hotel

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