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Paris - do - La Lucha Libre

La Lucha Libre

Watch masked Mexican-style wrestlers battle it out– or give it a go yourself!

Eat, drink, fight and dance at Mexican La Lucha Libre! La Lucha Libre is a Mexican style cantina bar doing ‘Las Tapas, Les Salades & Les Burgers. Cocktails and shots complete this lively, wacky, party picture. But wait for it! In the basement you will find a concealed wrestlers ring! Class! Watch beginners and professionals dressed in glitter capes and crazy masks doing their rapid sequences of holds and high flying maneuvers! Happy hour on Tuesday and Wednesday for a full five hrs from 1700 till 2200..


Because after your taco you can pick a fight downstairs as every evening there's 'open ring' time when it's us lot, the customers who face each other, wearing a padded suit!!

what: Miscellaneous

address: 10 Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Genevieve
75005 Paris

phone: 014 3295 986

website: La Lucha Libre

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