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Prague - do - Lázně na lodi

Lázně na lodi

Sit on a warm wooden bench, chatting quietly to your neighbour or reflecting in silence upon the events of the day; feel the dry heat against your skin, causing beads of perspiration to form and glisten; look out the window across the broad expanse of water to the quayside and the Castle beyond; stand up and stretch, open the door and step out in to the cold winter air; cross to the edge of the deck, pick your way over the railing and then hurl yourself bollock naked into the Vltava!

Welcome to Lázně na lodi, the “Spa on a boat” and the coolest sauna in Prague!

Lázně na lodi is an architectural pop-up. It’s a temporary wooden structure, built on an old barge on the Vltava quayside at Výtoň. It first appeared there last year, for just a few weeks between February and April. This year however, it has made a reappearance for an extended run with a larger capacity. It now includes such comforts as a shower and electricity! There’s even a bucket of 7 different types of ice cold beers at hand, just to keep your refreshed.

Review by Marcus Bradshaw

To read more from Marcus visit his site 'The Naked Tour Guide'

what: Sauna

address: Rasinovo nabrezi 30
12800 Prague

phone: 732 289 654

website: Lázně na lodi

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