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Amsterdam - do - Paradiso


A cultural behemoth that draws big-name musicians, Paradiso retains an anything-goes vibe that other big venues lack.

This 19th century church has gone from parish to party as it's widely known as Amsterdam's premium Rock venue!

So first a church, then a meeting hall for a religious group and in 1967 the building got squatted by hippies which is basically when it all began as a year later Paradiso officially opened its doors as the ‘Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso'. And although the liquid light show's, nude dancing, magical acts and clouds of incense have been replaced by mainly music and club nights Paradiso's programming is still as eclectic as back then..

The main hall has a capacity of 1500 and has seen HUGE names, think The Rolling Stones, Prince, Nirvana, U2 and many, many more. The living room like small hall fits 250 and oozes character. Here you see up and coming talent before they come back the second time to grace the big stage (Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon)..


With the church's original high ceilings, wooden balcony's, massive stained glass windows, pillars and arches there really is no live music venue like it. I've seen big names and lesser known bands perform and every time it's that extra special because they're playing in Paradiso!!

what: Music

address: Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam

phone: 020 626 4521

website: Paradiso

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