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Venice - do - Ponte dei Pugni

Ponte dei Pugni

From the 1600's rival Venetian clans would get into these epic fist fights on the small neighborhood bridges. These fights were very popular and would draw a huge crowd.. The four marble footprints visible on this bridge mark the start line for the fighters' tootsies before leaping into action with their fellow fighters psyched and ready behind them. Basically the goal was to throw punches knocking the other in the cold and sewage strewn canal with the winning team being the one that kept most men on the bridge.. The fights got officially outlawed in 1705 as the battles became too dangerous and violent but the footsteps are still present as a reminder of Venice's more violent past..


Venice oozes history but the hardly noticeably details that you could easily miss are as impressive as the big stuff..

what: Miscellaneous

address: fondamenta alberti

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