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Prague - do - Proudy


We-hey, - check out these two bronze guys pissing in a puddle in the shape of the Czech Republic! The two sculptures are controlled by micro chips and are peeing out well known Prague literary quotations.. Proudy (2004) is from the hands of Czech artist David Cerny.. 'It's always funny to see people's reactions to the 'Piss' sculpture. Males and females react in different ways, and you wouldn't believe what can happen when it's a group of middle-aged woman out after a few drinks'.. - David Cerny Photo by: Carlo Rainone


Because if you send a text message to +420 724 370 770 the sculptures will stop mid-flow, write your message in pee, before carrying on as before. Yup, true!

what: Art

address: Hergetova Cihelná Malá Strana

phone: 724 370 770

A Person

57UIAy Major thankies for the post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

Go To Town

Dec 20th 2018, 21:00

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