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Rome - do - Rome's Comedy Club

Rome's Comedy Club

Laugh about life with a troupe of English-speaking jokesters.

Even if stand-up comedy isn't something you ever see back home, Rome's Comedy Club is the best place in the city for stand-up comedy - in English! It is always loads of fun and full of students, expats, and English-speaking locals, but not a lot of tourists (yet). The show runs the last Friday of every month in a funky club in central Rome (near the Piramide metro stop), with lots of jokes about the ups and downs of life in Rome, as well as universal topics like love, sex, and politics. The best part is that some of the acts are popular Italian comedians who aren't yet famous in English, so you can see the same people for a few euros instead of the fortune you'd spend to see them in an Italian theater. Great food and drinks are served, too.


The folks in the audience are usually just as funny as the folks on stage, and every time I go I make new, funny, friends. You’re bound to as well!

Elizabeth Knight

what: Comedy

address: Via Francesco Carletti, 5
00154 Rome

phone: 065 755 561

website: Rome's Comedy Club

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Jun 7th 2017, 18:45

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