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Venice - do - Serra dei Giardini

Serra dei Giardini

If you feel like you have museums, Murano and masks coming out of your ears and want to escape the unrelenting stream of tourists take a walk to the Serra dei Giardini green house. There is a 19th century glass panelled conservatory that has been renovated beautifully. Sit back in the attached little cafe, relax and enjoy the peace in the shade between the plants and the green and think about your next move or absolutely nothing at all. This cute little coffee shop serves coffees, natural juices and organic products. They have different art exhibitions on as well.

Easy to get to by taking line 5.1, 4.1 or 6 to 'Giardini Biennale' from 'Piazzale Roma'..

what: Park

address: fondamenta san giuseppe
30122 Venice

phone: 041 296 0360

website: Serra dei Giardini

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