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Berlin - do - Spree Park

Spree Park

Go urban exploring in this alluringly decrepit amusement park.

Once the only amusement park in East Germany but left to deteriorate in 2002 when the park was declared insolvent. After this one of the head honcho's fled to Lima taking with him his family and 6 of the park's rides for repair.. 'The flying carpet' returned to Germany from Lima with a whopping 180 kg of cocaine hidden inside the mast which as you can imagine meant the end of the park.

Rusty, overgrown and neglected many of the attractions are still there allthough the roller coaster's mouth is sprouting foliage, the dinosaurs have fallen over and there is a beheaded swan.

Proper spooky and eerily silent, (except maybe for the creaking of the abandoned ferris wheel), it became such a popular spot for nocturnal explorers that the family decided to give 'legal' tours on weekends. One of the guides is actually the daughter of said disgraced owner and can give you an uncut version of how things went wrong..

Lots however prefer to ignore the big, angry signs and the (made up?) presence of the 24/7 guard (rumoured to be a myth to work as a deterrent) and squeeze through a gap or jump over a low part of the rickety fence...

For the 'legal' tour register on the website. Tours are usually in German but even if you don't speak the lingo it's well worth the 'nosy'..

By the way a scene of 'Hanna' was filmed here..

Photo: Spudnik

what: Park

address: Kiehnwerderallee 1-3
12437 Berlin

website: Spree Park

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