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Amsterdam - do - 'T Nieuwe Diep

'T Nieuwe Diep

An itty-bitty distillery in a gorgeous park, ‘t Nieuwe Diep churns out homemade vodka, genever and liqueurs.

Get on your bike and paddle over to 'The Flevopark' in deep Amsterdam-East.. In the middle of the park is tiny distillery 't Nwe Diep'. They distill more than a hundred different products and where possible use organic ingredients.. They have been operating since June 2010 only but this charming little distillery has been around since 1880. They distill vodka, 10 different genevers, 11 different liqueurs and Dutch Dynamite (a liquorice vodka - oh yes!). Everything they distill can be sampled at their lovely terrace which is located right by the water amidst the park's green. They have a Czech beer on tap and in spring/summer a white beer as well. They import this gorgeous, fresh apple cider from San Sebastian which in winter gets made into 'Apple glow' which you can buy per glass.. A cycle to this park and a drink on this beautiful terrace is a very apt thing to do on any sunny afternoon. Tranquility and tweeting birds make you feel miles away from Amsterdam's hectic city centre.. Let's have another one too boost our paddle power for the 'long' ride home..

what: Park

address: Flevopark 13
1095 KE Amsterdam

phone: 020 4650222

website: 'T Nieuwe Diep

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