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Berlin - do - Teufelsberg


The ‘devil’s hill’ houses the creepy remains of a spy operation.

'Devil's hill' is full of history.. For starters it's made from no less than 12 million cubic metres of rubble as thousands of truck loads were dumped here after the second world war when bombed out Berlin was being cleared and rebuilt.

Then, during the cold war the Allies ran a complicated, top-secret, eavesdropping station from which huge amounts of data were recorded from all over the Warsaw pact..

Since the fall of the iron curtain however this sophisticated set up has been left to ruin. The buildings and radar domes are still on site but everything has seriously deteriorated as heavy vandalism and the quest for copper wire has torn out most of the walls and floors. The display of destruction is macabre and gloomy and the ghostly sound of torn fabric in the wind from the central tower only adds to the spooky and eerie-ness.

Photo by Parkinpants


Fascinating, especially for those who have a taste for the aesthetics of decline and love the thrill of the spooky..

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