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Prague - do - U Trojského koně

U Trojského koně

A couple of years back artist Ivan Nacvalač called his friends round and together they built a huge replica of the trojan horse next to the river in the Prague area called Troja!! Yes! For real! There is an art gallery inside the belly of the horse selling all sorts of cool and colourful paintings & pieces and there is a lovely cafe underneath where you can sit in the garden and take in the unusual wood carved sculptures and drink a coffee or sip on the local wine which comes from the Salabka vineyards just up the hill.

This year the horse almost got washed away to Germany in the floods but they managed to anchor it to nearby trees in the nick of time.. Pfew!

In summer they have evening concerts and open air cinema screenings of old Czech movies.


Because this is exactly the sort of place we want to tell you guys about! It's totally unique & original with a huge amount of character which you only get when good people come together to do something they love and want to share...

what: Miscellaneous

address: Vodácka ul., Praha 7

phone: 777 267 855

website: U Trojského koně

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Dec 20th 2018, 23:36

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