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Amsterdam - drink - Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest

This rustic, rusty former warehouse has turned into a hipster heaven with a sandy beach, cozy sofas, and some very fun parties.

No show off-s, champagne-posh or sunnies when the sun's not out... Roest is real. Located in a former industrial area and barely converted, Roest reminds me a bit of 'Tyler's house in Fight Club' although with a lot more 'stuff', and there really is no end to the oddness.. The decor includes airplane seats, fluorescent parrots, weird bits of machinery, legless mannequins, old style tv's and much more madness.. Roest is rustic, surreal, dream like and totally original. Inside and outside eyes as a fun and funky playground for (street) artists and other creatives.. And.. wait for it: - This city oasis has it's own white sandy beach too. Kick back and stay warm near the cozy bonfire and listen to prime DJ's spin tunes till the wee hours. Apart from club nights Roest hosts all sorts of exciting events, think theatre, film, art and live music or other unique initiatives like an organized water pistol fight!

What we also like is that Roest sees all sorts of people, well the ones whom were persistent enough to find it anyway..


Because it's totally original. Exactly what the city needs with its many slick, trendy concepts which unfortunately are all too alike..

address: Czaar Peterstraat 213
1018 PL Amsterdam

phone: 020 3080283

website: Amsterdam Roest

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