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Edinburgh - drink - Anteaques


Ultra-traditional tea served amid a cornucopia of wacky antiques.

Tea house cum antiques store where tea tables are crowded together with old fur coats, spotted mirrors, sinks, pocket watches and gramophones.. Tea here couldn't be further removed from a mug of builder's tea though.. Chai chili, toasted kukicha or hazelnut tea is served from delicate teapots, and taken (not drunk) from hand painted china cups with silver tea spoons.. Lots of traditional scones, tarts and tiny cakes too coo over while you sip, gossip and almost imagine Alice, Hatter and the March Hare sitting at a table next to you.. And as Hatter says: 'It's always teatime'..


Apparently even the guy who owns the shop next door has never heard of Anteaques, it's that much of an Edinburgh secret..

address: 17 Clerk Street
EH8 9JH Edinburgh

phone: 013 1667 8466

website: Anteaques

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