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Rome - drink - Bar del Fico

Bar del Fico

Relax among the chess players and cool kids in this locals-only bar.

If you've been traipsing around town being a good tourist and are ready to be rewarded head to the impossibly picturesque Piazza del Fico. Here you'll find this effortlessly cool little bar where the shabby-chic-Frenchie decor and outdoor terrace attracts both a hip clientele as the wizened, smoking, chess players who came here way before it was a cool spot to be..

We love the atmosphere of this place and the small ivy-covered square it sits on where you'll find Fico's cool crowds leaning against cars while sipping on cold drinks, chatting and waving their arms Italian styley.


To sip on a cool spritz Aperol on the terrace while lazily deciding what you'd like to eat for dinner or whether you'll have another drink..

address: Piazza del Fico 26
00186 Rome

phone: 066 880 8413

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