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Barcelona - drink - Bar Marsella

Bar Marsella

Never tried absinthe before? One of Barcelona's oldest bars is where you want to go..

This is one of Barcelona's oldest bars, it's been around since 1820 and none less than Dali, Picasso, Gaudi and Hemingway have had a bevvy or two here..

Its house drink is Absenta or Absinthe and everybody seems to be drinking it, from fresh faced students to older men sitting alone hunched over their glass can be seen with this infamous green glowing drink.

Barcelona knows a lot of late night bars but for some reason this bar has an even later than late feel to it.. Maybe because of its smoke stained ceiling, the worn floor, peeling paint, cobwebbed bottles and the slightly dodgy area it's in.. There haven't been a lot of changes here since the 19th century which only adds to its slightly seedy allure..

Photo by Sheryll. www.thewanderlustproject.com


I love its louche-like atmosphere.. It's the sort of place you can imagine being the location for an exchange of briefcase..

address: Carrer Sant Pau 65
08002 Barcelona

phone: 934 427 263

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