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Barcelona - drink - Betty Ford

Betty Ford

Burgers, wicked cocktails and a happy ‘hour’ that goes from 9 to 11.

Cool corner bar ironically named after the famous founder of the 'Betty Ford Center', a Californian clinic for alcohol addiction.. We love this Aussie owned bar because of its deadly cocktail list and dangerously long 9-11 happy hour..

Frequented by a friendly, mixed crowd it has a happy, chilled vibe which we like too..

And personally, I could return solely for the burgers. You know those 'real-deal' burgers? The ones that pop into your head while waiting for the bus, images and everything.. That’s the ones they have here.. Plus quality cocktails which are wickedly more-ish.. Comfy seats and great tunes make it o-so-easy for it to end up being a late one..


Because when you have been the perfect tourist all day come nightfall you might be ready to be rewarded..

address: C/ de Joaquin Costa 56
08001 Barcelona

phone: 933 041 368

website: Betty Ford

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