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Barcelona - drink - Club Caribbean

Club Caribbean

Hop aboard this vintage bar with expert cocktails and a nautical feel.

This little cocktail club is hidden down a dark alley and although petite it's all hands on deck in this old school bar-on-a-boat style hide away as it's always full.

It's properly decked out with a wheel, port holes and other nautical-ness completing the (vintage) booze cruise feel. There's a pretty impressive collection of 'antique' cocktail shakers on display but even more impressive are the expertly executed cocktails by bartenders Juan or Danny who take on the cocktail swilling crowd by themselves and manage some friendly banter while shaking, stirring & blending.

I had a watermelon martini which was good enough to tactically slip into my mind at exactly cocktail o clock the next day... and the next...

Or try the house special, a dangerous mix of spirits brewing away in an old style barrel on the bar. A couple of these and it's definitely time to abandon ship..

address: C/ Sitges 7
08001 Barcelona

phone: 933 022 182

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