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Prague - drink - Cross Club

Cross Club

This club is located in an industrial area and every surface inside has been welded or moulded using car parts, gadgets, shafts, scrap metal, pipes, nuts, bolts, computer motherboards, engine parts and various other indeterminate bits of machine.. It has a blade runner sort of vibe to it which made me wary of possible replicants dancing or downing a pilsner at the bar.. ;) Cross Club is a centre for film, dance, drink and music ranging from dub step to hardcore and there are a few seats outside for if it all gets to be a bit too much..


Raw, laid-back and unpretentious Cross is not a place to pose but to chat and dance.. No trouble makers or fancy shoes found here... We like that.

address: Plynární 23
17000 Prague

phone: 775 541 430

website: Cross Club

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