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London - drink - Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

This uber-cool bar/café/gallery completely changes its interior every two months

Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes is an amalgam from the two whole sale signs which still 'adorn' both shop fronts and behind this impossibly cool bar/ cafe / exhibition space is arts collective Jaguarshoes. They host all sorts of events and create products, publications and exhibitions and these exhibitions are the best part as every 6-8 weeks a new exhibition COMPLETELY changes the interior scheme of this 2 story venue.. The bar menu includes a cocktail list on which there is a lot to like and they serve delicious pizza's from the expert Sardinian pizza makers next door..

Exhibition on now:

Prolific illustrator, sculptor, musician and blogger Jim Stoten will exhibit a large collection of magnificent flying machines. Think a fleet of large-scale technicolour toy planes interspersed with lights, lasers and projected visuals.

And don't miss the exclusive gigs from his bizarre band of misfits ‘Owen & The Eyeballs’ with their insane costumes and spirited music. Or sign up to take part in the workshops delivered by Jim himself as he teaches you to build and craft your very own psychedelic suit!

address: 32-34 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA London

phone: 020 7729 5830

website: Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

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