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Barcelona - drink - El Paraigua

El Paraigua

‘The Umbrella’ shelters patrons under a 19th century glow.

No photo of the inside as I couldn't find any that do this lovely cocktail cavern enough justice so you'll just have to trust us on this one..

'El Paraigua' or 'the umbrella' oozes character with a capital O with it's 11th century stone arches and it's low lighting which gives this laid back lounge a golden, intimate glow. All the original modernist wall lamps, fittings and fixtures came from an old umbrella shop which closed down in 1968 and even the cash register dates back to 1898..

Great acoustics lend to live music every Friday and Saturday and a little boozy bird told me they serve the best G & T's in town.. Sip on one of those while smooth notes of the jazz, blues and soul variety make work and worry rapidly wear away..


Because you walk in here and you feel at ease.. Then there's the drinks menu which feature 44 different alcoholic cocktails.. I'd like mine with an umbrella in it please ;)

address: Pas de l'Ensenyança 2
08002 Barcelona

phone: 933 021 131

website: El Paraigua

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