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Rome - drink - Fafiuche


500 wines, 70 beers, and two friendly owners to guide you to your favourites.

Run by husband & wife team Andrea & Maria who's enthusiasm and passion for good local food and wine is catching! It's the sort of place where you immediately feel at ease.

I love the quirky and original decor with its brightly colored red, orange and blue walls and the small little white tables. It's located in a gorgeous little street were you can find vintage, antiques, a perfumery, curiosa and art.

It's a top quality food and wine shop where you can taste and try but it's also a bar-eaterie where you can buy the products you have just tasted.. Farfiuche boasts 500 different wines and almost 70 different Italian artisanal beers..

There's a tiny terrace outside where I sipped a beautiful glass of white and felt quite Italian.. Salute!


The owners are very passionate about what they do and are lovely to chat to. I'm a particularly big fan of their aperitivo buffet spread which is a sight for sore eyes..

address: Via Madonna dei Monti 28
00184 Rome

phone: 066 990 968

website: Fafiuche

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