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Venice - drink - Frulala


There are a few Frulala's dotted around Venice and although un-Venetian they are cool little spots with a lively, happy vibe and perfect for a quick street-side drink or snack. By day Frulala offers fresh smoothies, fruit salads, & healthy yogurt and granola snacks. By night they transform into fabulous little cocktail bars boasting loud music and gorgeous, fresh fruit - alcoholic cocktails. Frulala employs students offering good pay and reasonable hours in an effort to create job opportunities for these young Venetians who seem to be having a lot of fun mixing up their fruity concoctions..


Because at night smiley student girls hand out free little shots when you pass by. Go on. Stop. Have one.. Or two..

address: Cannaregio 5620

website: Frulala

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