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London - drink - Happiness forgets

Happiness forgets

Forget your woes in a cocktail bar that oozes friendly personality

Down a seriously dark staircase you'll find this unmarked ultra cosy cocktail cavern. When we came in we got a cheery 'Hey, guys' from the people behind the bar followed by some good chat which cemented the feeling that we might be staying for a while.. It's quite small and seems to be lit by candles and lanterns only with just a couple of low tables and a few spots to sit at the bar. Cocktails are made with precision and care but what we liked most was the vibe- this place has bags of personality. It's the sort of place where you can sit at the bar and talk whisky with your barman or summer holiday plans. The absurdly talented bartenders have fun doing what they do which shows in their constant playful banter which is fine to join in on or listen to and smile without feeling like a weirdo. There's a 'no wallies' door policy which results in a mixed, friendly, relaxed crowd.


Good tunes, switched on friendly staff, great cocktails and no wallies.

address: 8-9 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU London

phone: 020 7613 0325

website: Happiness forgets

A Person

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Feb 4th, 09:36

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