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Prague - drink - Kaaba cafe and tabacco

Kaaba cafe and tabacco

Cool cafe covered from floorboards to ceiling with colored geometric patterns and kitted out with funky pieces of retro furniture. This 60's style cafe offer breakfast, small tasty eats and snacks as well as teas, coffees, alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Their coffee list is particularly impressive and espresso's come with a cute, little jar of warm milk. Kabaa has wireless internet so is an ideal spot to have a hot brew, check your mail and plan your next move around town.. Although this laid back cafe with it's friendly welcome could easily become one of those favourites that you end up dropping into on a daily basis..

Open every day till midnight (at least)


Unique design and a perfect place to start the day or have a long relaxing break..

address: Mánesova 20
12000 Prague

phone: 222 25 40 21

website: Kaaba cafe and tabacco

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