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Paris - drink - La Candelaria

La Candelaria

Once you’ve had your fill of tacos, sneak into the speakeasy in the back.

Spot the pink neon 'taco' sign in the window and you have found La Candelaria. This hip, little Mexican restaurant in the Marais area serves authentic Mexican food and fresh taco’s made by the bona fide Mexican chef. What’s even better though is the clandestine cocktail bar behind the counter. Slip through the secret door and try the ‘guepe verte (tequila, chili, cucumber, lavender and lime) and other well crafted cocktails. There is a good selection of tequila and mescal too.


Because of the communal table and all the taco-eating Parisians spilling into the street -it's so busy. Love the unmarked door too hiding the expertly made cocktails waiting to be sneakily sipped..

address: 52 Rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris

phone: 014 2744 128

website: La Candelaria

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