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Paris - drink - Le Caravane

Le Caravane

Fun, funky, and far too friendly to be just a standard hipster bar.

We got a loud 'Salut!' and a wave when we came into funky, animated 'Caravane'. It has a fun, friendly vibe and packs a good, mixed crowd. It's cool without being too scarily hipster and serves good food for very reasonable prices.. The interior is a charmingly quirky, unmatching and slightly haphazard mix. After knifes and forks have been put away the food side of things gets taking over by some serious cocktails and some serious tunes..


Because the staff are super friendly and genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves.

address: 35 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi
75011 Paris

phone: 014 9230 186

website: Le Caravane

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