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Barcelona - drink - Milano Cocktail Bar

Milano Cocktail Bar

Superlative cocktails served up with old-world glamor.

Milano is the sort of place you could pass a million times and not know what you're missing out on.. Hidden away from the main road and down a flight of stairs this basement bar has a classic, old world sort of feel to it. Sort of makes you want to puff on a cigar and be wearing a hat.. ;) 'Old school' bartenders in starched white blazers and bow ties are ready to perfectly prepare your cocktail behind the huge marble topped bar where there are enough perfectly aligned tools of the trade to shake a cocktail stick at! Cream walls, highly polished brass, plush red sink-in sofa's and armchairs for you to get comfy in.. That's ok. 'Cos hey, what's the rush? With a cocktail in hand and live music on the way you don't need to be going anywhere at all..

Photo by Donna


Flawlessly prepared cocktails and live jazz / blues / R&B / swing every day at 20.30..

address: Ronda de la Universitat 35
08007 Barcelona

phone: 931 127 150

website: Milano Cocktail Bar

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