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Barcelona - drink - Polaroid Bar

Polaroid Bar

A kitsch-filled club blissfully stuck in the Eighties.

Want to go for a beer and wear those shoulder pads, legwarmers and that fluorescent over sized top? Don't worry, in 'Polaroid bar' it's always the eighties.. Shamelessly and irresistibly..

This retro heaven boasts top to bottom superb 80's kitsch, think Rubik's cube, Alf, Care bears, Pacman and VHS tapes glued to the walls. Throw Ghostbusters, Top Gun and Flashdance film posters in the mix and the place couldn't be more eighties if it tried..

Although hidden down a dark and lonely looking alley this bar tends to get really busy.


Cheap beer, free popcorn, Cyndi Lauper and Lionel Richie to differentiate the toilets and a 3D ET.. Oh, it's the real thing re-booted!

address: Carrer Còdols 29
08002 Barcelona

phone: 931 866 669

website: Polaroid Bar

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