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Berlin - drink - Salon - zur wilden Renate

Salon - zur wilden Renate

Get your freak on in a club that crosses Granny’s parlor with a rave.

Wacky, wild and eccentric underground dance club housed in a semi derelict ex-squat.

Surrounded by a high wooden fence Wilde Renate’s multi-floor, multi-room club has a theatrical, dark-granny parlor sort of atmosphere to it. Eyes in frames follow you as you come in and the washing line full of old corsets are just a few examples of the club's zany decorations.

There is usually a theme that most people stick to and Renate is the sort of balls-out- Berlin place you 'go to town' to proper!

Improve your chances at the door by coming early..


Because it's the ultimate place to fly your freak flag.. With pride.. Don't worry there will be a few others flying too..

address: Alt - Stralau 70
10245 Berlin

phone: 030 2504 1426

website: Salon - zur wilden Renate

A Person

VOnucN Is that this a paid subject or did you customize it your self?

Go To Town

Dec 20th 2018, 16:08

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