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London - drink - The Liquor Cabinet

The Liquor Cabinet

Like stealing from the liquor supply of a particularly cool, creative dad

Hip Hackney has never been cooler since black belt bartenders Mikey & Thom (ex-Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town) have joined forces to open this new drinking den.. 'Not another new cocktail bar??' Yes! But! This boozer is different. The Liquor Cabinet is a cosy hide away with intimate booths, a candlelit bar and these really cool handmade bottled cocktails like this bottled beauty, cold 'n good to go. Sweet.

Aside from these clever concoctions this former kebab shop's basement (!) only serves the best of everything - whether that's a budget lager or a high end mezcal, everything's been tried and tasted (it's all right for some eh?) to ensure it's exceptional quality for the price.

A little tricky to find at first but this really only adds to it's charm and those cheeky sips from dad's liquor cabinet back then came at a price as well didn't they? ;)


"This ain’t your daddy’s liquor cabinet. You won’t find any unpalatable Ouzo, excessively aged brandy or stern words from your father here. Just superb drinks, friendly staff and great music."

address: 184 Hackney Road
E2 7QL London

website: The Liquor Cabinet

A Person

iwsW0H Yay google is my queen assisted me to find this outstanding website!

Go To Town

Dec 20th 2018, 15:45

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