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London - drink - The Shop

The Shop

This vintage-loving bar serves up cocktails in jam jars and milk bottles

'The shop' serves these fabulous cocktails in jam-jars and vintage milk-bottles, (the bottles complete with sealed gold cap and one single straw). Delish, decently priced and with names like: Once loved, Size zero & Shop credit it's easy to have more than a few.. They also serve locally sourced bar food, play choice music and the decor consists of a funky eclectic mix of photography, furniture and art. The owners source the furniture and fittings from vintage markets so the interior is always changing and wait for it...if it's not nailed down it's for sale! Come for a drink and leave with a table! Note the lovely multi colored drift wood bar and the toilet covered in sexy shots from the 70's..


Because it's a truly original and inspired venue with tip top drinks at tip top prices. With its friendly atmosphere and clever concept 'The Shop' gets a big fat thumbs up.

address: 75 Chamberlayne Road
NW10 3ND London

phone: 020 8969 9399

website: The Shop

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