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Prague - drink - Tretter's


No loafing around by the staff here! All bartenders have been carefully picked from owner Miloš Tretter's bartender academy and these tightly buttoned boys and girls expertly deliver from Tretter's inch-thick cocktail 'book' which features no less than 50 diabolically colored house concoctions.. Tretter's maroon color scheme and retro interior harks back to 1930's New York and has a stylish, classy vibe. Sit under one of the heavy ventilators that stir the air and shake the conversation while sipping on a passion fruit martini and listening to Billy Holiday's smooth notes.. Live jazz on Tuesday's from 8 till 11 pm.


Makes you feel like you spent the afternoon fox hunting and like you sort of want a cigar.. Tretter's accomplishes class without pretentiousness and lets not forget about those fabulous cocktails..

address: kolkovna 3
11000 Prague

phone: 224 811 165

website: Tretter's

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