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Edinburgh - drink - Under the stairs

Under the stairs

The comfy, living room vibe belies a cheeky menu of swell cocktails.

Don't worry it's not somewhere you get banished to for not obeying the see/hear/speak no evil rules as in Wes Craven's horror 'The people under the stairs'. Au contraire. This basement bar with it's junk shop chic decor and ever changing art on display has a very comfy living room vibe. Easy to miss, but spot the cosy glow emitting from behind the windows and you have found the right spot. The table service only could mean a wait but also guarantees a comfy perch. Fab fire place and I love the tropical fish tank.


Because it's like being in someone's comfy, feel-good living room albeit with cocktails like the 'Park your arse' at hand..(highland park, balsamico liqueur, mandarin Napoleon, twany orange jam, orange bitters, lemon, sugar, egg white).... Arse is parked and not moving any time soon ;)

address: 3 Merchant Street
EH1 2QD Edinburgh

phone: 013 1466 8550

website: Under the stairs

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