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Amsterdam - drink - Vesper


Come for the inventive cocktails, stay for the fun, funny bartenders.

This is one of the friendliest places in Amsterdam to get a decent drink. Expertly made cocktails, infusions, syrups and barrel aged goodness all come from the hands of the friendly 5 that run the place.. These boys are always up for some chat, except on Friday and Saturday night as it’s totally packed and they are way too busy shaking and stirring..

Four times a year these boys get together for some serious boozing and brainstorming of which the end result is a new cocktail menu.. And this menu makes it tough to choose- good thing they pour you glasses of chilled, cumber infused water to rinse the palate and enable you to go straight from a 'Cirque du Frique' to a 'Mexican Dragon'..

You know what I like best about the place? It's laid back and friendly enough to come by yourself early on a week day and sip on something special while enjoying some banter with the bartender.. My new favorite is Laurence's latest concoction: The Wasabi Fizz..


Because it's a cocktail bar but a 'local' one with a tongue-in-cheek cocktail list and although these guys have a sense of humour their cocktails are very serious(ly good...)

address: Vinkenstraat 57
1013 JM Amsterdam

phone: 020 8464 458

website: Vesper

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