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Prague - drink - Vzorkovna



This is different... Arty, O so underground and totally unpretentious it's one of these places which is almost impossible to describe..

It's dark, that's for sure, has fantastically mismatched (well worn) furniture, with some sofas draped with faux fur while others are only reachable by walking a plank.. You could find sleeping dogs or a pen of miniature pigs, you might be surprised by an impromptu poetry reading or jam session and if you feel like playing the piano, climbing the monkey bars attached to the ceiling or move whatever you're seated on towards some friends on the other side of the room feel free as all the furniture at deliciously eccentric Vzorkovna is mobile and it's the sort of place where pretty much anything goes..

Evenings and crowds are ever changing but you can be sure to be surrounded by a cool crowd of people whom are interesting to chat to while drinking Prague's finest tap beer and snacking on locally sourced food stuffs which get delivered fresh every day..


Because in the evening it's lit by candles only and weird & wonderful Vzorkovna is located smack bang in the middle of the city centre...

address: Bartolomejska 13
11000 Prague

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QpWMEX I truly appreciate this article.Really thank you! Great.

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Dec 21st 2018, 05:51

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