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‘Free food?’ Queried the lone Antiopodean of no-one in particular, ‘You serious, free food?’ Queuing in my orderly British fashion waiting my turn to take my pick from this bountiful Italian spread, I was more than amused by this travellers exclamations – first time in Italy & obviously on a budget. What a great time of day to arrive in Florence. Ciao aperitivo! With one of the many clocks about to strike 6, it’s the perfect time to stop the sightseeing and head to a bar busily preparing to take tourists & locals alike from late afternoon to early evening. Swop your cappuccino for the fabulously coloured & perfectly refreshing Aperol Spritz, take your seat overlooking the bustling piazza and enjoy the snacks on offer brought for you to enjoy with your drink.

Free food?

Oct 30th 2013, 10:13 by Michelle Reid

Ok, ok we know we seem a little biased when it comes to Amsterdam clubs Roest & Canvas as we’re always posting about them on Facebook & Twitter! Admitted they get a lot of attention but that’s only because the nutcrackers behind both are always coming up with these highly creative and slightly crazy events and ideas which we love! Think organized water fights, tropical parties in the middle of winter or installing a massive pool in their giant warehouse to go with a Bay Watch themed night.. We’re all up for their weird & wonderful-ness which is why we were a little upset to hear of Canvas being closed for renovations.. Boo I hear you cry! But don't worry - we are stoked to announce their new enterprise Doka which we've classed as equally cool as Canvas albeit a tad more raw and raucous..

New Amsterdam Club DOKA delivers..

Oct 16th 2013, 07:43 by Danielle Berclouw